Resolution Part One

by Samuel Joseph Kim

Desert Song 05:04
“How can I live? How can I sing? Where have you gone? What can I bring?”
These are the roads I know These are the paths I took Where are you now? Where are you now? Look how the light has changed Look how the fire burned Where did all your friends go now? Look how the fire burned Create in me a pure heart Restore unto me the will to believe
Arriving 03:21
Redefining arriving in the twinkling of an eye: How did we get here so slow? Stop drinking the poison Of fast pass promises and magic tricks; Why do we want to get there so fast? C’mon, this doesn’t have to be so serious; This joy can make a man so serious Where did I learn this language? Where did I learn to act this way? How did I get so old so slow? Did someone give me these words to say? Changed the route to the unlit street Got lost, got robbed, got beat I’ve become afraid so fast Did I get so old so slow? Did someone give me these words to say? This doesn’t have to be so serious This doesn’t have to be so serious
“Where will you take me?”
Must I laugh at any wonderful promise Up with the stars and lost by the world? Can I leave my home, my heart, my life For a country not my own? High ideals, good intentions Mean nothing in a world of mechanics; Must the only way to proceed Be through the trickery of Jacob? "All will be revealed in time..." Possibility, once beautiful, Now just tragic; I’ve seen the valley of Canaan but I cannot enter Must fate always conclude as cruel and unforgiving? "All will be revealed in time..." Denied one mountain but now given another; I see you together with those whom you’ve promised. I believe, I believe Help me overcome my unbelief. I believe, I believe Help me overcome my unbelief.


It’s been ten years since the first album, “Fear and Trembling” was released. I remember my time recording at the Paradox Theater in Seattle with a lot of fondness. There was a lot of excitement for the possibilities that were to come and I remember very distinctly the events of 2000 that made me want to commit to living my life as fully as possible. It’s hard to fully grasp what’s happened since then. This EP and the forthcoming one share the same reflections as my first album about faith, hope and love, but from a perspective ten years later. With those themes in mind, it made sense to put my parents on the album since they're the ones who exemplify those things the most to me in my life. On “Desert Song”, my mother is reading and on the final song, “The Revealing” both my father and mother are reading on the outro. “Resolution Part Two” will hopefully be released sometime in 2011.


released November 29, 2010

(c) 2010 strangers and angels music

Performed, recorded and produced by Samuel Joseph Kim
Voice samples on “Desert Song” by Chung Kim
Voice samples on “The Revealing” by Chung Kim and Chae Young Kim

Recorded and mixed in Washington, DC
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago, IL

Album art and design by Samuel Joseph Kim


all rights reserved



Samuel Joseph Kim Seattle, Washington

Samuel Kim is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer currently based in Seattle, WA

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